It’s a hilarious story actually…


Amuse Bouche is the oldest improv group in Charlottesville named Amuse Bouche.

In other words, we are a long-form improv comedy group based at the University of Virginia… rather, the only long-form improv comedy group based at the University of Virginia, and beautifully aged like fine wine since 2007. 

We perform on-grounds, throughout the greater Charlottesville area, and have not been known to turn down a road-trip for any performances inside and outside Virginia. Our members come from all over and our alumni carry our name to Saturday Night Live, Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Harold Night, UCB Maude Night, The Onion, CUBE Variety Show, and many other stages around the nation.

If you want to get involved in comedy at UVA — yay! You found us! We take friendship super seriously, so if you aren’t looking for friends, too bad! Go visit our Audition tab above or click below to learn more about how you can join!



  • ‘07 baby born in the 
    year of the pig OINK
  • 12 years old AKA 
    puberty says we're 
    still growing
  • 10 piglets currently,
    who will be our next
    little runts?!
  • 100% reason to 
    RemEmBeR tHe nAMe