meet the current bouchies


Lucas frye — President

Lucas is a 4th-year chemistry major who just wants a nice quiet candlelit dinner with his Erlenmeyer flask. Is that too much to ask? Just one night, damn it. Let him enjoy a single meal with his swirling sweetheart. His glass gal. His conical cutie. The only one his titrating hands can hold and the only receptacle that can contain his still-beating heart.


Connor Masterson — Vice President

Connor is a 4th-year majoring in Economics and English - cause those two go together, right? He speaks "movie-quotes" fluently. His Holy Trinity consists of Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans, and he is looking for members to join his cult. Connor's ultimate goal is to master the ability of dramatically exiting a tub like in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Aidan Mcweeney — communications chair

Aidan is a 4th-year studying philosophy and Spanish, as if you couldn’t tell from her long beard and refined sense of self. Don’t ask her about study abroad - yes she went and yes it changed her - moving on. Love Island is better than The Bachelor because of the accents. Periodt!!!!!


Cameron Her

The name's Cameron Her and I am a 3rd-year. The only thing I love to do more than improv is work out at the gym and get JACKED. Sometimes I wonder if pumping the iron every day is worth it, but when I look in the mirror and see my rock-hard abs and perfectly sculpted biceps (they are 2 feet in diameter), I know it is all worth it. FYI, I will perform in every show shirtless as it is the way God intended a body like mine to be. You're welcome.


Matthew “Normie” Normansell

Normie is a 3rd-year majoring in computer science. He is a recovering Napoleon Dynamite look-alike and a devout Cav-Man enthusiast. His hobbies include cooking tomato-based foods, and only tomato-based foods. He is very basic, and over-quotes the only shows he's watched: The Office, Parks and Rec, and Friends.

charlie final headshot.jpg

Charlie Flynn

Charlie Flynn (AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Chardy) is a 3rd-year at UVA. He enjoys the Barefoot Contessa, international espionage, and writing in the third person to make his bio seem more legitimate. In his spare time he can be found muddin,’ huntin,’ and workin’ on his truck (and working at the front desk of the Fralin Museum of Art). Charlie’s best memory is sleep away summer camp 2007. Cabin 12 forever. He also fervently believes that Natalie Portman should have won an Oscar for Jackie (2016) and is willing to die on that hill.


Clay Werenskjold — Treasurer

Clay is a 3rd-year majoring in Alien Life. He's an extreme drug addict, but his drugs are people saying, "oh this is a really good song, what's it called?" and "that's a really cool fact, I'll definitely tell my friends about this." Did you know that the English alphabet used to have more letters? Clay does. He can also be seen performing with Hot Kids Sketch Comedy.

tonks headshot.jpg

William “Tonks” TOnks

Tonks lives a life of quiet dignity in the barren wasteland known as Jefferson Park Avenue. He roams the far reaches of University Grounds stripping Lime Scooters for parts for the Dune Buggy he’s building. He has a strange fascination with Otters and Justin Timberlake look-alike Connor Masterson. Outside of this, he also majors in Computer Science and enjoys over-committing himself to other random student organizations around grounds.


Nula jones

Nula Jones is in her second year at UVA and with Amuse Bouche! She loves to spend time with her friends and also to crop them out of group photos to use as a headshot. That shit cracks her up! Enjoy the show!


Allison Kinney

Allison is a 2nd-year majoring in Something, Probably. She recites Shakespeare at the slightest provocation. Consider yourself warned.